Utility of an objective dyskinesia rating scale for Parkinson's disease: Inter- and intrarater reliability assessment



Although dyskinesia is a frequent and important problem in Parkinson's disease (PD), a reliable assessment measure has not been thoroughly developed and tested. We modified the Obeso dyskinesia scale to creat an objective rating scale for dyskinesia assessment during activities of daily living. Thirteen physicians and 15 study coordinators involved in a clinical trial independently reviewed videotape segments of PD patients performing three tasks: walking, putting on a coat, and lifting a cup to the lips for drinking. Raters evaluated the severity of worst dyskinesia seen, the types of all dyskinesias seen, and the type of dyskinesia most associated with motoric disability. For all assessments, the total group showed statistically significant inter- and intrarater reliability. Physicians had a higher consistency than did coordinators, but for most measures the difference was not statistically significant. Physicians and coordinators found the scale easy to use and especially practical for rating dyskinesia severity and for identifying the most disabling dyskinesia. Dyskinesias can be assessed in clinical trials and warrant regular documentation.