Users' seeking behavior and multilingual image tags



Sharing and tagging images is an activity that is very popular among web users. This has lead to the creation of Internet services such as Flickr that allow users to post their own pictures and tag them with the purpose of sharing them with friends and displaying their work in a public forum. This poster presents the results of a study conducted in the framework of the Interactive Image Retrieval (iCLEF) task, which is part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF). The main goal of the study is to identify the challenges that users face when they search for images annotated in languages other than English. Our results indicate that the users find the task to be very hard due to the difficulty of selecting terms that match those assigned by the creators of the images. The results also suggest that the increasingly popular tagging of images has limitations similar to those encountered with controlled vocabularies, specifically vocabulary mismatch among searchers and creators of content.