Panel: Semantic metadata as linked data building blocks



In the Linked Data movement, value vocabularies (such as the Linked Data version of a thesaurus or a classification scheme) and metadata element sets (which are generally made concrete through RDF Schemas or OWL ontologies) have become the building blocks of any dataset that joins the CKAN Linked Data hub of the Open Knowledge Foundation (2012). Evidence can be seen either from analyzing the datasets in the Data Hub or by browsing through the long list of the value vocabularies and metadata element sets included in one of the three deliverables of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report (2011). This panel will introduce the concept of semantic metadata and the two types of vocabularies involved, discuss how value vocabularies are transformed in order for machine to process and understand, present new use cases of the conventional knowledge organization systems (KOS) in the Semantic Web environment, and report the findings regarding publishing semantic assets, describing and accessing them, and enabling their interoperability in the Semantic Web environment.