Knowledge management career: Perception versus reality



The panel will discuss the growing challenges in knowledge management education. Particularly they will debate and share their visions and experiences on following issues:

  • What are the career opportunities for students graduated from KM program?
  • What skills and knowledge should we empower our students in KM program?
  • What are the challenges in KM education?
  • What are the future trends in KM career and education?

In the first part of the panel, we will report a comparative analysis of top KM programs in terms of their curriculum and job placement. In this, we would include both US and other countries. In the second part of the panel, each panelist will provide a balanced view of academia and industry addressing above issues. Four panelists are not only affiliated with the leading programs in knowledge management education in the states currently, but also have rich experience worldwide outside the academia like government, non-profit organization, and corporate in the past.