Stakeholder's views on information education. Rachel Elkington, Cynthia Fugate, Deanna Morrow Hall and Mark Greene


The panel will focus on the concerns of stakeholders; those who need information about the many kinds of information programs leading to a graduate degree. While attention has been paid to identifying the number of programs, to looking at content, and otherwise describing information programs, little attention has been paid to the concerns of those who wish to earn a degree as the first step in a particular information career, to those who need to find potential employees who can meet the needs of particular information environments, or those who represent professional societies willing and ready to support the continuing growth and development of information professionals.


Rachel Elkington, A recent MSIM graduate of the University of Washington's iSchool, Ms. Elkington is employed at ZAZZ, an interaction design firm.

Cynthia Fugate, Associate Director for Research and Instruction at the University of Washington.

Deanna Morrow hall, President of Corporate Information Resources, Inc.

Mark Greene, Director of the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming.

Each of these individuals represents a major stakeholder community; Rachel Elkington the student/former student perspective, Cynthia Fugate the concerns of academic libraries, Deanna Morrow Hall the interests and concerns of the business community and special libraries, and Mark Greene the interests of professional societies.