Preparing future generations for rapidly changing globalized world: What does it mean for information literacy?



This panel intends to explore and discuss issues that need to be considered to prepare future generations to cope with complexities of rapidly changing environments in the globalized world. The panel will first outline some of the trends as represented in the literature and witnessed in our own interactions with learner, the media, in citizen/government relationships, and everyday life.

We will discuss information literacy in the context of the 21st-century Information Literacy Standards, the web 2.0 technologies, information seeking behavior of various populations, as well as innovations in learning and teaching across the board.

PANEL FORMAT: 90 minutes divided in four parts.

There will be four panelists coming from different backgrounds and rich multidisciplinary experiences:

  • A.WELCOME and INTRODUCTION (Zorana Ercegovac)
  • B.POSITION STATEMENTS (each panelist has about 10 minutes)
  • a.John Seely Brown (presenter #1, will also offer closing remarks)
  • b.Zorana Ercegovac (presenter #4 and moderator)
  • c.Leslie Johnston (presenter #2)
  • d.Roberta I. Shaffer (presenter #3)
  • C.REACTIONS, CONVERSATION, QA with the audience (about 35 minutes)
  • 1CLOSING REMARKS and wrap-up of the panel, by John Seely Brown (about 10 minutes)