The DataNet partners: Sharing science, linking domains, curating data



This panel introduces the first two DataNet partners funded through the National Science Foundation's Sustainable Digital Data Preservation and Access Network Partners (DataNet) solicitation (National Science Foundation, 2007). The first two of an expected five projects are The Data Conservancy: A Digital Research and Curation Virtual Organization, based at Johns Hopkins University (Sayeed Choudhury, PI), and DataONE: Observation Network for Earth, based at the University of New Mexico (William K. Michener, PI). Following a brief overview of NSF's DataNet vision and goals, each funded project will be introduced and positioned within the context of NSF's vision for the DataNet Partners. The next part of the panel will describe how information scientists and librarians are integrated into the projects, including research, educational, and service development objectives. The final part of the panel will discuss collaboration between the DataNet partners in order to serve as “elements of an interoperable data preservation and access network” (NSF, 2007).