Shared personal space: Meeting the needs of multiple users and multiple purposes



Interesting things happen at the edges of our personal workspaces, where our own space butts up against that of others. This panel will focus on the challenges of sharing workspaces – with our families, with our colleagues, and with ourselves across roles, tasks, and locations. In keeping with the conference theme, Thriving on Diversity, the panel will explore both the benefits and challenges of shared workspace.

Topics to be covered

The topics to be addressed include:

  • How do our information behaviors differ between shared and personal spaces?

  • Do we, for example, search, organize, label, or tag differently in a shared space?

  • What are our feelings of trust, privacy, and security with respect to shared data?

  • How do our values affect what we keep private and what we share?

  • How does information transition from private to shared and back?

  • What happens when individual goals, methods, or purposes come into conflict?

This panel will grow, in part, from the Personal Information Management (PIM) Workshop being held on the topic immediately prior to the conference. Panelists from the workshop will summarize the workshop discussion for the ASIST community and highlight key areas of debate.

In addition to including senior researchers, such as William Jones and Jaime Teevan, the panel will also include doctoral candidates working in the area, such as Andrea Japzon (Drexel University). Andrea's work investigates the value that individuals place on personal documents, including those in shared space. Based upon participation at past workshops, we anticipate an international panel, including researchers who are working on systems solutions for the challenges of shared spaces.

Jaime Teevan (Microsoft) and Deborah Barreau (UNC-Chapel Hill) will moderate.


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