Transdisciplinarity and information science in earth and environmental science research



This poster addresses the theme of the conference “Thriving on Diversity- Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World” by discussing transdisciplinarity and what this paradigm means to librarians and information scientists. Transdisciplinary research is a means to address research problems, especially those in complex systems (Hirsch Hadorn et al., 2008). The role of transdisciplinary research in earth and environmental sciences is explored, with particular attention to the challenges for information science researchers and professionals. Complex and global questions such as climate change may be best addressed using a transdisciplinary approach making the collaboration between scientists and information professionals more important. This collaboration is explored in relationship to DataONE (Observation Network for Earth), an NSF funded cyberinfrastructure project that supports the full data lifecycle for scientists in the diverse domains that are embodied in the earth and environmental sciences.