Proposing a case study on tacit knowledge transfer within a pharmaceutical company



Applying the principles of knowledge organization originating from library and information science, the purpose of the study is to explore how knowledge organization assists employees to share and store their tacit knowledge. An international pharmaceutical company in Taiwan, JavaMed (pseudonym), will be the case for this study. In-depth interviews will be used to uncover how employee training and knowledge transfer in JavaMed are carried out. Furthermore, the study will examine the role of knowledge organization, such as knowledge map, knowledge base, and yellow page, in facilitating knowledge transfer and achieving the goal of knowledge management. The main contribution of this study will be to identify the interrelationship among knowledge transfer, knowledge organization, and human resource management. The proposed study applies the concepts originated from library and information science to the area of business management. The researchers expect that the interdisciplinary nature of the study will shed light on both fields.