• weather radar;
  • quality control;
  • reflectivity


A set of quality control algorithms developed in the framework of the RADVOL-QC system is described. The algorithms are dedicated to 3-D radar reflectivity data (volumes) provided by a weather radar with single-polarization of the beam. The system consists of two paths of data processing: quality correction and quality characterization. Processing by means of data correction algorithms allows the reduction of uncertainty in the data, whereas quality characterization algorithms generate a map of quality index (QI) that can be attached to the data. The following correction algorithms are included in the proposed scheme: (1) removal of geometrically shaped non-meteorological echoes (from the Sun and other emitters); (2) removal of measurement noise (specks); (3) beam blockage correction, and, (4) attenuation in the rain correction. The list of quality characterization algorithms is longer, as it also includes evaluation of data uncertainty due to technical radar parameters, distance to radar related effects, and ground clutter. All the algorithms have been developed paying special attention to possibility of operational application. The system is planned to be extended successively by other quality factors. Copyright © 2012 Royal Meteorological Society