The Oklahoma City Micronet



The Oklahoma City Micronet (OKCNET) is an operational surface observing network designed to improve atmospheric monitoring across the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, metropolitan area. The 40 station network consists of 4 Oklahoma Mesonet stations and 36 micronet stations mounted on traffic signals at an average station spacing of approximately 3 km. Using several technical innovations as well as existing infrastructure in Oklahoma City, data are collected and quality assured in near real-time at an interval of 1 min for the traffic signal sites and 5 min for the Mesonet sites. Because OKCNET also spans a land use gradient from rural to urban, the spatial and temporal densities of OKCNET observations have shed new insights on atmospheric processes (e.g. the urban heat island, severe thunderstorm evolution) across the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Copyright © 2010 Royal Meteorological Society