• Mediterranean basin;
  • hydro-meteorological and oceanic prediction;
  • coupled models;
  • forecast verification;
  • WAM;
  • POM;
  • Venice Lagoon-FEM


Many ‘high-impact’ meteorological, marine and hydrological events in the Mediterranean area are characterized by horizontal spatial scales of the order of 10–100 km. Such events are, sometimes, driven by complex dynamical processes involving planetary scale atmospheric flows. Several international programs (ALPEX, POEM, MAP, PYREX, MEDEX) have improved the understanding of some of these processes. However, because of the Mediterranean's geomorphological structure, characterized by mountain chains (e.g. the Alps), semi-enclosed sea basins and small river catchments, many problems remain. It is clear that such problems have to be faced in the context of analysis-prediction systems bridging the gap between global and local scales of motion. These systems should allow for an adequate representation of key dynamical processes at all the relevant scales of motion.

The Hydro-Meteorological-Marine System (‘Sistema Idro-Meteo-Mare’, SIMM) is a first step in developing an integrated system, adequately covering all scales of motion from global to local. A short description of the system is presented, highlighting scientific concepts behind design choices. A summary of the results of verification tests is also illustrated, together with a general evaluation of the whole process in planning, developing and running SIMM in order to assist future updates of the system, currently under development. Copyright © 2007 Royal Meteorological Society