One of the primary goals of phalloplasty on female to male transsexuals is to void while standing. However, achieving competence of the neourethra, sensation, and rigidity of the neophallus still present a challenge. Over a 5 year period (1988–1993), 56 phalloplasties using sensate free forearm flaps were performed for 56 primary female transsexuals. The urethrocutaneous fistula rate was 38/56 and one flap totally necrosed. However, when the flap was prefabricated with a tubed graft of vaginal mucosa for the 28 cases (the later part of the series), there were less complications and a lower fistula rate within this portion of the neourethra. Although the whole procedure was time consuming, it was worthwhile and patient satisfaction was high. © 1994 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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