A Mathes and Nahai type III muscle, such as the rectus abdominis muscle, can be utilized to cover two separate wounds simultaneously utilizing its dual blood supply thereby minimizing donor site morbidity and operative time. We report a case for treatment of bilateral Gustillo type IIIB lower extremity injuries treated with a single rectus abdominis muscle split into two free flaps, with one based on the deep inferior epigastric vessels and one on the superior epigastric vessels to cover the contralateral wound. In our patient, both lower extremity wounds were covered with muscle flaps from the same donor site in a single operation, salvaging both limbs with progression to unassisted ambulatory status. We show in this case report that the utilization of the vascular anatomy of the rectus muscle allows for division of the flap into two flaps, permitting preservation of the contralateral abdominal wall integrity and coverage of two wounds with a single muscle. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microsurgery 34:54–57, 2014.