• Enzyme inhibitors;
  • Proteases;
  • Quantitative structure-activity relationship;
  • Structure-based drug design;
  • Transition-state analog


Most CADD tools handle non-covalent enzyme inhibitors, despite the growing interest of the pharma industry in covalent inhibitors. We have recently introduced an enzyme mechanism-based method, EMBM, as a computational tool for binding trend analysis and prediction of chemical sites (CS) of reversible covalent enzyme inhibitors. In the current study we demonstrate the utility of EMBM to structure-based applications. In this mode, the energy of the enzyme-inhibitor covalent bond is accounted for by the W1 and W2 covalent descriptors we have developed, whereas the non-covalent interactions between the inhibitor CS and the enzyme active site can be estimated directly on the 3D structure of the enzyme-inhibitor complex.