• Afronurus;
  • Asionurus;
  • Atopopu s;
  • Epeorus;
  • Thalerosphyrus;
  • Distribution;
  • Records;
  • Species review;
  • South-East Asia;
  • Taxonomy


Afronurus webbi sp. n. (♂), A. sarawakensis sp. n. (♂) and Epeorus boonsoongi sp. n. (larva) are described, and details and new records are provided for Atopopus tarsalis (♂, larvae), Atopopus sp. A and Thalerosphyrus sp. A (♀) from Borneo (East Malaysia). Afronurus freitagi sp. n. (♂-La), A. lantuyanensis sp. n. (♂), A. leytenensis sp. n. (♂), A. mindanaoensis sp. n. (♂) and A. panayensis sp. n. (♂) are described from the Philippines. Afronurus philippinensis Flowers & Pescador, 1984, A. sibuyanensis Mol, 1987 are reported from new localities and Asionurus sp. A for the first time from the Philippines. The taxonomic position of several controversial species like Ecdyonurus illotus Navás, 1933, Epeorella borneonia Ulmer, 1939, Thalerosphyrus torridus (Walker, 1853), T. sumatranus (Ulmer, 1939) and some zoogeographic viewpoints are discussed. Compsoneuria (Palawaneuria) cabayuganensis Braasch & Freitag, 2008 is considered as species incertae sedis. (© 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)