• Diptera;
  • Muscidae;
  • Fanniidae;
  • Berlin Museum;
  • collection;
  • type specimens;
  • world


An account is given of the type-specimens (holotypes, lectotypes, neotypes, paratypes, paralectotypes, syntypes) of the Diptera families Fanniidae and Muscidae in the Museum für Naturkunde of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany. Detailed information is given on the specimens, their labelling and their condition, and reference is made to parts of type-series located in other museums and institutes. 50 species of Fanniidae and 686 species of Muscidae are enumerated. The species are listed alphabetically, and the account concludes with a systematic nomenclatural summary, a geographic summary, an appendix listing the European localities cited in the text, and a bibliography. 22 lectotypes are designated. 13 are in Fanniidae [Homalomyia coracina Loew, 1873 (Romania), Homalomyia difficilis Stein, 1895 (Austria), Homalomyia genualis Stein, 1895 (Germany), Homalomyia grisea Stein, 1895 (Germany), Homalomyia hirticeps Stein, 1892 (Germany), Homalomyia latipalpis Stein, 1892 (Germany), Anthomyia macrophthalma Bouché, 1834 (Germany), Homalomyia minutipalpis Stein, 1895 (Germany), Homalomyia parva Stein, 1895 (Austria), Choristomma pokornyi Stein, 1895 (Germany), Homalomyia polychaeta Stein, 1895 (Germany), Fannia prisca Stein, 1918 (Taiwan), and Homalomyia similis Stein, 1895 (Germany)], and 9 are in Muscidae [Musca importuna Haliday, 1836 (Republic of Ireland), Atherigona trilineata Stein, 1900 (Papua New Guinea), and the Seychelles species Atherigona bimaculata Stein, 1910, Mydaea compressipalpis Stein, 1910, Coenosia exigua Stein, 1910, Mydaea fasciculifera Stein, 1910, Limnophora fasciolata Stein, 1910, Acritochaeta maculipennis Stein, 1910, and Mydaea mediana Stein, 1910]. Three new synonyms are established: Coenosia mollicula (Fallén, 1825) (= Coenosia alpicola (Pokorny, 1893), syn. nov.); Dichaetomyia anthrax (Stein, 1906) (= Dichaetomyia fumipennis (Stein, 1913), syn. nov.); and Phaonia mediterranea Hennig, 1963 (= Phaonia errans (Meigen, 1826) var. corsicana Schnabl & Dziedzicki, 1911, preocc., syn. nov.). Two new combinations are established: Afromydaea debilis (Stein, 1913), comb. nov., and Myospila maura (Stein, 1906), comb. nov.