• Dietary fiber;
  • Fiber-enriched foods;
  • Hydrocolloids;
  • Plant cell walls;
  • Oligosaccharides;
  • Review


The continued emphasis on the importance of dietary fibers to the Western diet and the need for products with a lower calorific content is pressuring food companies to allocate more resources to the development of fiber-enriched products. The challenge to the industry is to accomplish this goal without sacrificing the organoleptic appeal of some of their core offerings. As future research details specific nutritional benefits of individual components of dietary fiber, food companies will need flexible alternatives in order to validate new ‘functional’ food claims and to respond rapidly to emerging trends in fiber-enriched products. These objectives will be achieved by understanding the physicochemical basis for the biotechnical functionality of fibers and by developing, and making available fibers which provide a broad spectrum of bioactive and texture modulating properties.