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mnfr1908-sup-0001-FigureS1.doc43KFigure S1. Effect of CDCQ on LXRα mRNA expression in HepG2 cells. HepG2 cells were grown in serum-free medium overnight and incubated in DMEM containing normal (5.5 mM) or high (30 mM) glucose concentrations in the absence or presence of CDCQ (5, 10 μM) or 1 μM T0901317 (a LXRα agonist) for an additional 24 h. Total RNA was extracted and the LXRα mRNA expression was measured by qRT-PCR. The results are expressed as means ± S.E.M. of three independent experiments. #p < 0.01, compared to control. *p < 0.01, compared to high glucose-treated cells.

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