Excitation of an electrically small metamaterial-coated cylinder by an arbitrarily located line source



The problem of an arbitrarily located electric line source radiating in the presence of a metamaterial-coated cylinder is solved analytically and implemented numerically. Electrically small resonant metamaterial-coated cylinders are designed that lead to significant enhancements of both the radiated and scattered powers, as compared with the power radiated by the source into free space, as well as the total scattering cross section, as compared with the results obtained for a corresponding cylinder coated with a conventional material. The effects of the dispersion and losses present in the metamaterials are taken into account to study the bandwidth properties of these resonant configurations. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol Lett 48: 2598–2606, 2006; Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com). DOI 10.1002/mop.21990