• dielectric resonator monopole antenna;
  • microwave devices;
  • ceramic substrate;
  • dielectric properties


In this work, we study for the first time the dielectric properties, at microwave frequencies, of the BiREWO6 (RE = Y, Gd, and Nd) dielectric resonator (DR) obtained by microwave assisted fast solid state synthesis. The DRs were excited by a wire antenna protruding above a ground plane and simulations were carried out using high-frequency structure simulator. The DRs presented permittivity values between 13 and 19 and dielectric loss of around 10−2. The agreement between experimental and simulated values for the resonant frequency and the bandwidth for all dielectric resonator antennas was considered good. The small size of the antenna and its compactness makes it especially attractive for use as an electric monopole in practical applications. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol Lett 54:18–23, 2012; View this article online at DOI 10.1002/mop.26486