In week 12 of the EICESS 92 protocol a 12-year-old boy with pelvic PNET developed acquired von Willebrand disease: bleeding time was prolonged (<15 min) and von Willebrand factor antigen (54%) and ristocetin cofactor activity (50) were reduced. Platelet aggregations with thrombin and collagen and the number of major platelet glycoproteins/per platelet did not differ from the controls. After Haemate P® (Behring Werke, Marburg, Germany) bleeding time normalized and surgery could be performed without occurrence of bleeding episodes. Three weeks after surgery bleeding time, ristocetin cofactor activity, and von Willebrand factor antigen increased to normal paediatric values. Without occurrence of further bleeding episodes the patient received another 10 courses of polychemotherapy (EICESS 92).