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mrc_3945_sm_f1.tifTIFF image38795KPair-wise secondary chemical shift perturbations in strychnine in CD3OD mapped onto the structure. Perspective views of surfaces, atom names, and color indications are identical to those in Fig. 3. Pairs are labeled a-f to indicate the following comparisons, a: δsulfate - δchloride, b: δphosphate - δchloride c: δnitrate - δchloride, d: δsulfate - δnitrate, e: δphosphate - δnitrate, f: δphosphate - δsulfate. Shown at right are the color scale and a structure drawn from approximately the same perspective as the right-hand surface in each pair.
mrc_3945_sm_tables.docxWord document321KSupporting Information

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