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Characterization by NMR of reactants and products of hydrofluoroether isomers, CF3(CF2)3OCH3 and (CF3)2C(F)CF2OCH3, reacting with isopropyl alcohol


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The 3M Company product Novec™ 71IPA DL, a mixture of methoxyperfluorobutane, methoxyperfluoroisobutane and 4.5 wt.% isopropyl alcohol, has been found to be very stable at ambient temperature, producing fluoride at the rate of ~1 ppm/year. Our earlier kinetic and theoretical studies have identified the reaction mechanism. This paper identifies the 1H and 19F NMR chemical shifts, multiplicities, and coupling constants of reactants and the major products that result from aging the mixture in sealed Pyrex NMR tubes for periods up to 1.8 years at temperatures from 26 °C to 102 °C. Chemical shifts and coupling constants of fluorine and hydrogen atoms on the hydrofluoroethers and isopropyl alcohol are traced through the reactions to their values in the products – esters, isopropylmethyl ether, and HF. These spectral positions, multiplicities, and coupling constants are presented in table format and as figures to clarify the transformations observed as the samples age. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.