• Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • phased array coils;
  • image intensity correction;
  • brain


Two- and four-coil phased array detectors were developed to increase the sensitivity and resolution of MR imaging of the human brain cortex, especially for detecting cortical dysplasias in pediatric epilepsy patients. An automated intensity correction algorithm based on an edge-completed, low-pass filtered image was used to correct the image intensity for the inhomogenous reception profile of the coils. Seven phased array coils were constructed and tested. The sensitivity of these coils was up to 600% higher at the surface of the cortex than that achieved with a conventional head coil and up to 30% greater at the center of the head. The sensitivity obtained was comparable with that of a conventional small surface coil, but extended over the larger dimensions of the array and previously inaccessible areas such as the top of the head. The advantages of the improved sensitivity are demonstrated with high resolution images of the brain.