• fast imaging;
  • RF coil array;
  • simultaneous acquisition;
  • MR image reconstruction


SiMultaneous Acquisition of Spatial Harmonics (SMASH) is a new fast-imaging technique that increases MR image acquisition speed by an integer factor over existing fast-imaging methods, without significant sacrifices in spatial resolution or signal-to-noise ratio. Image acquisition time is reduced by exploiting spatial information inherent in the geometry of a surface coil array to substitute for some of the phase encoding usually produced by magnetic field gradients. This allows for partially parallel image acquisitions using many of the existing fast-imaging sequences. Unlike the data combination algorithms of prior proposals for parallel imaging, SMASH reconstruction involves a small set of MR signal combinations prior to Fourier transformation, which can be advantageous for artifact handling and practical implementation. A twofold savings in image acquisition time is demonstrated here using commercial phased array coils on two different MR-imaging systems. Larger time savings factors can be expected for appropriate coil designs.