• venous oxygen saturation;
  • arterial oxygen saturation;
  • velocity selective excitation;
  • T2;
  • VSEAN;
  • TRUST;
  • magnetic resonance imaging


A new MRI technique to map the oxygenation of venous blood is presented. The method uses velocity-selective excitation and arterial nulling pulses, combined with phase sensitive signal detection to isolate the venous blood signal. T2 of this signal along with a T2Y calibration curve yields estimates of venous oxygenation in situ. Results from phantoms and healthy human subjects under normoxic and hypoxic conditions are shown, and venous saturation levels estimated from both sagittal sinus and gray matter–based regions of interest are compared with the related techniques TRUST and QUIXOTIC. In addition, combined with an additional scan without arterial nulling pulses, the oxygen saturation level on arterial side can also be estimated. Magn Reson Med, 2012. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.