• Glycine;
  • 1H MRS;
  • 3T;
  • point-resolved spectroscopy (PRESS);
  • human brain;
  • gray matter;
  • white matter


The concentration of glycine (Gly) was measured in gray matter (GM) and white matter (WM) in the human brain using single-voxel localized 1H MRS at 7 T. A point-resolved spectroscopy sequence with echo time = 150 ms was used for measuring Gly levels in various regions of the frontal and occipital lobes in 11 healthy volunteers and one subject with a glioblastoma. The point-resolved spectroscopy spectra were analyzed with LCModel using basis functions generated from density matrix simulations that included the effects of volume localized radio-frequency and gradient pulses. The fraction of GM and white matter within the voxels was obtained from T1-weighted image segmentation. The metabolite concentrations within the voxels, estimated with respect to the GM + WM water concentrations, were fitted to a linear function of fractional GM content. The Gly concentrations in pure GM and white matter were estimated to be 1.1 and 0.1 mM, with 95% confidence intervals 1.0–1.2 and 0.0–0.2, respectively. Magn Reson Med, 2012. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.