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Figure S1. In vitro CEST detection of C. novyi-NT. a) z-spectra of C. novyi-NT solution (3x107/mL), spore solution and medium (PBS+ 2% oxyrase), b) concentration dependency of CEST signal at 2.6ppm using three concentrations, and c) MTRasym maps at 2.6 ppm for bacteria in PBS at three concentration as marked (most left ), medium (second on right) and spore in PBS (most right, ∼3x107/mL).

Figure S2. In vitro CEST detection of C. novyi-NT in cell culture medium as shown by MTRasym plots for the four concentration samples (1.3–13 x106 cells/mL) and medium only. The acquisition condition is as same as that described in the Methods section, namely saturation power = 3.6µT, tsat= 3 sec. The temperature was kept constantly at 37°C.

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