Value of Specialized Preanesthetic Clinic for Cardiac and Major Vascular Surgery Patients



In a complicated and specialized population, such as patients undergoing cardiac and major vascular procedures, patients, clinicians, and hospitals may be best served and resources conserved with a specialized preanesthesia clinic. A specialized preanesthesia clinic for cardiac and major vascular procedures has a focused staff usually consisting of practitioners with cardiac and major vascular surgical care experience designed to address the patient evaluation, the information gathering, the necessary consultations, the required testing, and specific needs for the day of cardiac and major vascular surgery. Specialized preanesthesia clinics increase patient satisfaction and may also provide cost containment by decreasing the amount of indiscriminate ordering of expensive preoperative tests and potentially may decrease patient litigation. Resident trainee education can also be enhanced by a specialized preanesthesia clinic for cardiac and major vascular rotations. The ultimate goal of a specialized preanesthesia clinic is to ensure a safe and efficient perioperative cardiac and major vascular surgical experience in complicated patients undergoing complex procedures. Mt Sinai J Med 79:13–24, 2012.© 2012 Mount Sinai School of Medicine