Modification of the natural history of adult-onset acid maltase deficiency by nutrition and exercise therapy



Adult-onset acid maltase deficiency is an inherited lysosomal skeletal-muscle disease characterized by progressive myopathy and respiratory failure, for which there is no known therapy. In an uncontrolled, prospective study, we evaluated whether adherence to high-protein and low-carbohydrate nutrition and exercise therapy (NET) can slow the progressive deterioration of muscle function in this disease. Thirty-four patients have been treated with NET for periods of 2–10 years (mean 4.5 ± 2.5). Pre-NET rate of muscle function deterioration, as measured by the Walton scale, was compared to post-NET rate. Twenty-six patients were deemed to be consistently compliant with NET. Difference between pre-NET slope of muscle function deterioration to that of post-NET slope in compliant patients was −0.29 (95% CI −0.19, 0.39) (P < 0.0001). We conclude that compliance with NET can slow deterioration of muscle function and improve the natural history of adult-onset acid maltase deficiency. Muscle Nerve, 2006