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Neurophysiological examination of dorsal sural nerve




Nerve conduction study of the dorsal sural nerve (DSN) has been reported to be a sensitive method for early detection of peripheral neuropathies. However, normal reference values are scarce and vary greatly among the different studies.


A comprehensive neurophysiological study, including nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) recording, was performed in 294 healthy subjects (21–86 years) with no evidence of neuropathy.


The amplitude of the DSN SNAP ranged from 2.50 to 15.90 μV, and NCV ranged from 28.9 to 52.8 m/s. A significant age-related decrease in DSN SNAP amplitude and NCV was observed. The mean ratio of sural NCV to DSN NCV was 1.33 ± 0.19, and the mean ratio of sural nerve SNAP amplitude to DSN SNAP amplitude was 3.17 ± 1.33.


These normative data of the DSN might be used as reference values for the study of this very distal peripheral nerve. Muscle Nerve, 2012