• dorsal digital nerves;
  • electroneurography;
  • nerve conduction studies;
  • superficial radial nerve;
  • thumb nerves


Introduction: In this study we sought to establish a new technique for nerve conduction study (NCS) of medial and lateral branches of the superficial radial nerve (SRN). Methods: Antidromic NCS were performed on 60 healthy subjects, recording the sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) from the dorsomedial and dorsolateral aspects of the phalanx of the thumb. The main trunk of SRN was also investigated. Results: SNAPs were easily recorded in all subjects, and normative latency and amplitude data were collected. Conclusions: We propose a simple and reliable technique to investigate nerve conduction of the terminal branches of the SRN, which could be useful in some focal and systemic pathologies. Muscle Nerve, 2013