DNAJB6 myopathy: A vacuolar myopathy with childhood onset


Correspondence to: M. Milone; e-mail: milone.margherita@mayo.edu


Introduction: DNAJB6 mutations cause an autosomal dominant myopathy that can manifest as limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD1D/1E) or distal-predominant myopathy. In the majority of patients this myopathy manifests in adulthood and shows vacuolar changes on muscle biopsy. Methods: Clinical, electrophysiological, pathological, and molecular findings are reported. Results: We report a 56-year-old woman, who, like 3 other family members, became symptomatic in childhood with slowly progressive limb-girdle muscle weakness, normal serum creatine kinase (CK) values, and myopathic electromyographic findings. Muscle biopsy showed vacuolar changes and congophilic inclusions, and molecular analysis revealed a pathogenic mutation in the DNAJB6 gene. Differences and similarities with previously described cases are assessed. Conclusions: Childhood-onset of DNAJB6 myopathy is more frequent than previously believed; congophilic inclusions may be present in the muscle of these patients. Muscle Nerve 49:607–610, 2014