Cross-sectional area reference values of nerves in the lower extremities using ultrasonography



Introduction: Cross-sectional area (CSA) reference values of lower extremity nerves using ultrasonography have only been reported in a few studies and have been limited to white populations. Methods: For this study, 94 healthy Korean volunteers were recruited for measurement of the CSA at 7 sites of lower extremity nerves. The side-to-side difference in CSA was calculated for each nerve, and reference ranges were derived. External validity evaluation for the reference values was performed with 10 newly recruited volunteers at a different institution. Results: Nerve CSA was correlated significantly with body mass index, weight, and height; however, the absolute value of the side-to-side difference had no significant correlation with demographic factors. The external validity was adequate for all sites, ranging from 80% to 100%. Conclusions: The lower extremity nerve CSA values obtained in this study may provide normal reference values for the Asian population. Muscle Nerve 50: 564–570, 2014