• moving load;
  • elastic foundation;
  • analytical solution;
  • Euler–Bernoulli beam


Analytical solutions for the steady-state response of an infinite beam resting on a visco-elastic foundation and subjected to a concentrated load moving with a constant velocity are developed in this paper. The beam responses investigated are deflection, bending moment, shear force and contact pressure. The mechanical resistance of the foundation is modeled using two parameters ks and ts — ks accounts for soil resistance due to compressive strains in the soil and ts accounts for the resistance due to shear strains. Since this model represents the ground behavior more accurately than the Winkler spring model, the developed solutions produce beam responses that are closer to reality than those obtained using the existing solutions for Winkler model. The dynamic beam responses depend on the damping present in the system and on the velocity of the moving load. Based on the study, dynamic amplification curves are developed for beam deflection. Such amplification curves for deflection, bending moment, shear force and contact pressure can be developed for any beam-foundation system and can be used in design. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.