Parametric infinite element for seepage analysis


  • Yusuke Honjo,

    1. Division of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 2754, Bangkok 10501, Thailand
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    • Associate Professor and Chairman

  • Gyaneswor Pokharel

    1. Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
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    • Doctoral Graduate Student (former Research Associate at AIT)


A set of mapping functions in the form of convergent series for an infinite element, which is capable to include the infinitely distanced constant head boundary condition from the area of disturbance (e.g. pumping), is proposed based on the asymptotic far-field behaviour of typical seepage flow problems. The derived mapping functions have been successfully used in three-dimensional point symmetric, two-dimensional axi-symmetric and one-dimensional unidirectional flow for the fixed head boundary at infinite distance. The result shows excellent agreement with analytical solution. For the first time, the mapping function of an infinite element is presented in the form of a convergent series. The infinite elements are really capable of reducing the cost and efficiency of conventional finite element analysis. Finally, a figure is also proposed to indicate the required size of the near field to obtain accurate drawdown at specified locations based on some calculations for two-dimensional radial flow case.