Axial kinematic response of end-bearing piles to P waves



Kinematic pile–soil interaction under vertically impinging seismic P waves is revisited through a novel continuum elastodynamic solution of the Tajimi type. The proposed model simulates the steady-state kinematic response of a cylindrical end-bearing pile embedded in a homogeneous viscoelastic soil stratum over a rigid base, subjected to vertically propagating harmonic compressional waves. Closed-form solutions are obtained for the following: (i) the displacement field in the soil and along the pile; (ii) the kinematic Winkler moduli (i.e., distributed springs and dashpots) along the pile; (iii) equivalent, depth-independent, Winkler moduli to match the motion at the pile head. The solution for displacements is expressed in terms of dimensionless transfer functions relating the motion of the pile head to the free-field surface motion and the rock motion. It is shown that (i) a pile foundation may significantly alter (possibly amplify) the vertical seismic excitation transmitted to the base of a structure and (ii) Winkler moduli pertaining to kinematic loading differ from those for inertial loading. Simple approximate expressions for kinematic Winkler moduli are derived for use in applications. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.