• fracture;
  • concrete;
  • quasi-brittle materials;
  • size effect;
  • geometry effect;
  • boundary effect;
  • experimental;
  • non-local models


Modelling failure in geomaterials, concrete or other quasi-brittle materials and proper accounting for size effect, geometry and boundary effects are still pending issues. Regularised failure models are capable of describing size effect on specimens with a specific geometry, but extrapolations to other geometries are rare, mostly because experimental data presenting size effect for different geometries and for the same material are lacking. Three-point bending fracture tests of geometrically similar notched and unnotched specimens are presented. The experimental results are compared with numerical simulations performed with an integral-type non-local model. Comparisons illustrate the shortcomings of this classical formulation, which fails to describe size effect over the investigated range of geometries and sizes. Finally, experimental results are also compared with the universal size effect law. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.