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Dynamic response to fluid extraction from a poroelastic half-space



In this study, the dynamic response of a poroelastic half-space to a point fluid sink is investigated using Biot's dynamic theory of poroelasticity. Based on Biot's theory, the governing field equations are re-formulated in frequency domain with solid displacement and pore pressure. In a cylindrical coordinate system, a method of displacement potentials for axisymmetric displacement field is proposed to decouple the Biot's field equations to three scalar Helmholtz equations, and then the general solution to axisymmetric problems are obtained. The full-space fundamental singular solution for a point sink is also derived using potential methods. The mirror-image method is finally applied to construct the fundamental solution for a point sink buried in a poroelastic half-space. Furthermore, a numerical study is conducted for a rock, that is, Berea sandstone, as a representative example. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.