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Analytical solutions of a finite two-dimensional fluid-saturated poroelastic medium with compressible constituents



An analytical solution is proposed for transient flow and deformation coupling of a fluid-saturated poroelastic medium within a finite two-dimensional (2-D) rectangular domain. In this study, the porous medium is assumed to be isotropic, homogeneous, and compressible. In addition, the point sink can be located at an arbitrary position in the porous medium. The fluid–solid interaction in porous media is governed by the general Biot's consolidation theory. The method of integral transforms is applied in the analytical formulation of closed-form solutions. The proposed analytical solution is then verified against both exact and numerical results. The analytical solution is first simplified and validated by comparison with an existing exact solution for the uncoupled problem. Then, a case study for pumping from a confined aquifer is performed. The consistency between the numerical solution and the analytical solution confirms the accuracy and reliability of the analytical solution presented in this paper. The proposed analytical solution can help us to obtain in-depth insights into time-dependent mechanical behavior due to fluid withdrawal within finite 2-D porous media. Moreover, it can also be of great significance to calibrate numerical solutions in plane strain poroelasticity and to formulate relevant industry norms and standards. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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