• coupled hydro-mechanical processes;
  • granular material;
  • discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA);
  • finite element method (FEM)


Coupled hydro-mechanical processes in granular media represent the interaction between solid particles movement and fluid flow during external and/or internal loading. The processes attract attention in geotechnical engineering since they cause many disasters such as landslide, slope collapse, boiling/quicksand and soil liquefaction, etc. This study presents a numerical method combining discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA) for mechanical calculation and finite element method for fluid flow simulation to model the interaction between solid particles' movement and fluid flow from microscopic point of view. The term of hydraulic pressure was newly formulated and introduced to the original DDA. The simplified examples are given to verify the new method, and the computational results correlate well with the theoretical calculations, further development is also considered. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.