• urethral pressure profilometry in female dogs;
  • artefacts and variations in urethral pressure profilometry;
  • microtip transducer catheters;
  • urinary incontinence


Simultaneous urethral pressure profilometry using a microtip transducer catheter was perfonned in 14 bitches to determnine the effects of the position of the animal and the transducer orientation.

The technique was carried out in three positions of the bitch (right lateral, dorsal, and left lateral recumbency) and four orientations of the transducers (Diorsal, right, ventral, and left).

Both functional profile length and maximum urethral closure pressure were significantly affected by the orientation of the transducer relative to the position of the bitch.

The optimum position of the bitch and orientation of the transducers were detennined by evaluating the proportion of profiles from which measurements could not be made, the diagnostic value of profiles, and the Proportion of artefacts in functional profile length. It was concluded that the bitch should be positioned in right lateral recumbency with the transducers orientated dorsally as these positions result in the highest proportion of diagnostic and measurable profiles and the lowest proportion of artefacts in functional profile length.