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nau22452-sm-0001-SupFigS1.tif1213KFigure S1. Accuracy and precision of the 500 ml jugs, with a large opening and division every 10 ml VWR International Eurolab, S.L. Bland and Altman's Statistic test. Three exact volumes of 72, 185, and 257 ml were measured by 20 observers. Two-standard-deviations was 0.11 ml (<3% variation) regardless of the volume measured.
nau22452-sm-0002-SupTabS1.docx26KTable S1. Subject selection criteria.
nau22452-sm-0003-SupTabS2.docx26KTable SII. Variable Transformations Tested in Modeling. Purpose Was Centering the Values on the Graphical Analysis and Simplifying the Result Equations. For Each Variable, the Range was Observed and Approximately the Lowest Figure Was Subtracted From It.
nau22452-sm-0004-SupTabS3.docx27KTable SIII. Intra-Case Pearson Variation Coefficients of the Maximum Voided Volumes (MVV, DMVV, and NMVV) Between the 3 days of the Micturition Record.

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