A note on combined job selection and sequencing problems


Correspondence to: C. Koulamas (koulamas@fiu.edu)


We investigate the solvability of two single-machine scheduling problems when the objective is to identify among all job subsets with cardinality k,1≤kn, the one that has the minimum objective function value. For the single-machine minimum maximum lateness problem, we conclude that the problem is solvable in O(n2) time using the proposed REMOVE algorithm. This algorithm can also be used as an alternative to Moore's algorithm to solve the minimum number of tardy jobs problem by actually solving the hierarchical problem in which the objective is to minimize the maximum lateness subject to the minimum number of tardy jobs. We then show that the REMOVE algorithm cannot be used to solve the general case of the single-machine total-weighted completion time problem; we derive sufficient conditions among the job parameters so that the total weighted completion time problem becomes solvable in O(n2) time. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Naval Research Logistics 60: 449–453, 2013