• bilevel;
  • stochastic;
  • optimization;
  • networks;
  • pricing


In this article, a mixed integer bilevel problem having a probabilistic knapsack constraint in the first level is proposed. The problem formulation is mainly motivated by practical pricing and service provision problems as it can be interpreted as a model for the interaction between a service provider and customers. A discrete probability space is assumed which allows a reformulation of the problem as an equivalent deterministic bilevel problem. The problem is further transformed into a linear bilevel problem, which in turn yields a quadratic optimization problem, namely the global linear complementarity problem. Based on this quadratic problem, a procedure to compute upper bounds on the initial problem by using a Lagrangian relaxation and an iterative linear minmax scheme is proposed. Numerical experiments confirm that the scheme practically converges.© 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. NETWORKS, 2012