• thermodynamics;
  • domain decomposition;
  • mortar method;
  • energy momentum;
  • coupled problems;
  • time integration


An energy-momentum consistent integrator for non-linear thermoelastodynamics is newly developed and extended to domain decomposition problems. The energy-momentum scheme is based on the first law of thermodynamics for strongly coupled, non-linear thermoelastic problems. In contrast to staggered algorithms, a monolithic approach, which solves the mechanical as well as the thermal part simultaneously, is introduced. The approach is thermodynamically consistent in the sense that the first law of thermodynamics is fulfilled. Furthermore, a domain decomposition method for the thermoelastic system is developed based on previous developments in the context of the mortar method. The excellent performance of the new approach is illustrated in representative numerical examples. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.