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Local discontinuous galerkin approximation of convection-dominated diffusion optimal control problems with control constraints



In this article, we investigate local discontinuous Galerkin approximation of stationary convection-dominated diffusion optimal control problems with distributed control constraints. The state variable and adjoint state variable are approximated by piecewise linear polynomials without continuity requirement, whereas the control variable is discretized by variational discretization concept. The discrete first-order optimality condition is derived. We show that optimization and discretization are commutative for the local discontinuous Galerkin approximation. Because the solutions to convection-dominated diffusion equations often admit interior or boundary layers, residual type a posteriori error estimate in L2 norm is proved, which can be used to guide mesh refinement. Finally, numerical examples are presented to illustrate the theoretical findings. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Numer Methods Partial Differential Eq 30: 339–360, 2014