• fear of falling;
  • accidental falls;
  • activities of daily living;
  • frail elderly;
  • feasibility study;
  • health services research;
  • home care


Concerns about falls and related avoidance of activities are common problems among older people living in the community. In this study we examined the feasibility and acceptability of AMB-Home (the Dutch in-home version of A Matter of Balance), a nurse-led in-home cognitive behavioral program developed for frail community-living older people with concerns about falls and related activity avoidance. The multicomponent program consisted of seven individual sessions, including three home visits and four telephone contacts. Data were collected from eight nurses and 194 participants. Generally, the program was considered acceptable and feasible by both the nurses and the participants. When AMB-Home turns out to be effective, the implementation of a fine-tuned version of this in-home program in regular health care, would be a natural next step. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Res Nurs Health 36:257–270, 2013